CMake Tutorial – Chapter 6: Realistically Getting a Boost

Now that we have our testing simplified and automated we have a great
foundation upon which to build our amazing command line To Do list app.
What’s that? You say that an awesome To Do app allows you to add items to
your list? Indeed it does, and more! But wait, let’s not get ahead …
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CMake Tutorial – Chapter 4: Libraries and Subdirectories

So far our project is rather simple. A real project would be more
complicated than the one we’ve created. Let’s add subdirectories, libraries,
and proper unit tests to make our project more realistic.

In this chapter we will split up our project to have a library which we can
put in a subdirectory. Then we …
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CMake Tutorial – Chapter 2: IDE Integration

Now that we are familiar with CMake I will make good on CMake’s promise of
flexibility. I said before that CMake could create projects for various
IDE’s and in this chapter we will do so. This is one of CMake’s greatest
strengths as it allows for very diverse development environments while
working on the same …
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